Monday, August 30, 2010


In 16

On Augest 25, 2010 Philadelphia Phillies were playing the Houston Astros and the game went in to the 16th inning!!! In the 14th inning Ryan Howard was called out of the game by 3rd base umpire Scott Barry. After being told he check swing, the second time while batting. He threw his bat and helmet after striking for the 5th time, causing Ryan Howard to be tossed out of the game. He finished that game hitless in seven at-bats. Dont worry Ryan we will get him back! Also in the 14th inning Raul Ibanez had to play 1st base and Roy Oswalt was forced to play Left-Field and he got the first out! He got out Astros Catcher Jason Castro and Raul at 1st base got the next 2 outs. At the end in the 16th Astros win it 4-2.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bobby Thompson R.I.P.

On Augest 16, 2010 Bobby Thompson has passed on at age 86. To a lot of baseball fans he is known for The "Shot Heard Around the World". He was one of the best ball players back then and he left s with some very good records.  Mr.Thompson had 263 home runs and  1,026 run batted in . Some famous stuff about Bobby Thompson is that he became really famous when he hit the game winning home run that won the New York Giants the 1951 National League pennant, that home run was then known for The "Shot Heard Around the World". The teams Bobby Thompson played on were

New York Giants 1946-1953
Milwaukee Braves 1954-1957
New York Giants 1957
Chicago Cubs 1958-1959
Boston Red sox 1960
Baltimore Orioles 1960



There are some questions going around asking if it is true that he is going to be traded. What Cliff Lee is doing is thinking about it but his wife and Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia wife are already looking for houses near eachother in New York. So the Yankees fans out there you have a slight chance of getting Pitcher Cliff Lee.

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